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Du monde
à la provence
Our history
  • In 1991, Didier Chaussegros founded DMP (Provence Marketing Division) as a promotion company selling mainly local food stuff.

    In 2005, DMP started producing natural cosmetics and developed our first hygiene and skincare brand "Chemins de Provence". It was made up of soaps, shower gels, body milks and bath salts. The range used fragrances from Provence (lavender, honey, verbena, olive, etc.) and was inspired by tradition to manufacture its Marseille soap.

    DMP then expanded and acquired its own cosmetics lab, thus sourcing and manufacturing all of its own products.

  • En 2015, DMP became Du Monde A la Provence

    Today, the following range of products exists :

    - "Mina" range, with organic argan oil and orange blossom
    - "Flora" range, with organic argan oil and rose
    - "Alissa" range, with organic donkey milk and shea butter
    - "Ayana" range, with immortelle and evening primrose oil

    - "Gaïa" range, with grape seed oil, grape water & organic red vine extract
    - "Nihassa" range with shea butter and cotton
    - "Olivia" range, hygiene products with the fragrances from Provence

Our committments
  • A fair and authentic approach

    DMP present modern women with the best of nature, which, we are convinced, offers the greatest reservoir of beauty remedies for those who know how to make the most of it, while respecting it. Bath, body, hands, feet and face skincare, morning to evening, DMP offers a whole range of products that protect and sooth your skin to make it so beautiful, day and night.


    DMP masks for your well-being
    Our masks are designed specifically for the needs of the face. They use patented active ingredients to make you more beautiful every day. No parabens, no silicone, your will be radiating beauty.

    Masks any time of the day.
    DMP masks are composed of fabric soaked with skincare formulas. These single-use masks are perfect and provide the right dose of skincare with each use. DMP innovates with effective solutions to beautify your skin on a daily basis. You have many choices: hydrate, purify and restore radiance to your complexion. Their triple thickness makes our masks very comfortable, they are easy to apply then to remove, and they adapt perfectly to your face. They match each and every need: anti-fatigue, detox, anti-wrinkle, radiance boost, relaxing, moisturizing.


    DMP is immersed with environment-friendly values. We make every effort to manufacture and package our products in the most respectful conditions for environment. We also promote awareness with our clients and ask everyone to be responsible and ensure packagings are recycled.

    Together, every day, we can save the planet.

Our factory
  • Formulateur et Fabricant à Valensole, le laboratoire de DMP «Cosmétique en Provence» répond à toutes les exigences de création, de formulation et de production de notre gamme de produits cosmétiques naturels ou biologiques.

    Date de création: 2006

    Nombre d'employés: 25

    Surface du site: 2'500 m²

    La philosophie du Laboratoire est exactement la même que celle de notre MarqueDMP : combiner nature, recherche et production.

  • Nous privilégions les actifs naturels, etpuisons principalement dans les bienfaits des fleurs et des plantes aux vertus reconnues. Nous combinons des matières premières d’origine artisanale et locale de préférence, avec des actifs venus des quatre coinsdu globe, eux aussi d’origine artisanale et naturelle en priorité.Nous ne faisons bien entendu strictement aucun test sur les animaux. Et la sélection des ingrédients se fait avec la plus granderigueur, elle exige systématiquement des produits à la traçabilité parfaite etaux origines certifiées.

Our ingredients
  • Firm roots and spread wings

    At first, we drew our ingredients exclusively in Provence and in its traditions. Then, our know-how and curiosity took us further away. Indeed, DMP ventured and sourced natural cosmetic ingredients all around the globe. Our range of products has become a true invitation to discover beauty secrets from all around the planet, always designed and guaranteed in the most artisan way in Valensole, Provence.

  • Limitless curiosity

    Each country, each region of the globe has seen particular skincare practice and processes develop, based on local ingredients, like true magic. Thus grew our explorers’ spirit to span the world in search of new beauty secrets, which we do our best to reveal in each of our products : from the world to Provence, “Du Monde à la Provence”

  • Faraway ingredients, local know-how in Provence

    Our DNA remains in Provence. We revisit local traditional know-how to magnify the active ingredients which we found in the countries we explore. DMP combines secular craftsmanship with a modern vision to develop cosmetics formulas in its labs in Valensole that combine the best of the world with the best of Provence.

  • We source active ingredients of natural origin … because it’s better

    We value a fair, respectful and responsible approach. We develop cosmetics with 0% paraben and active ingredients of natural origin, mostly organic. We respect European regulations and good manufacturing practices. We also ban animal testing.

  • In the heart of Provence, an ancient tradition

    DMP is a company entirely dedicated to the design and distribution of skincare and beauty products. Located in the heart of Provence, on the Valensole plateau, a few kilometers away from Manosque, DMP is deeply bound to its environment. Here, nature presents an incredible wealth of plants, active ingredients, fragrances and also know-how which has long been an infinite source of inspiration in the development of cosmetics