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Inspired by nature


Huile essentielle d’immortelle et huile d’onagre

The clever blend of Immortelle, a precious flower with many skin benefits, and evening primrose, once highly prized for treating wounds and skin infections, offers a particularly revitalizing range

A name, a promise

The Immortelle flower grows in Corsica, the “Isle of Beauty”. Also known as Italian Helichrysum, Immortelle has regenerating virtues, it dramatically increases collagen production and promotes cell renewal. This helps your skin’s firmness and elasticity, both symbols of youth.


Crème nuit au lait d'ânesse...


Crème jour au lait d’ânesse...


Eau micellaire au lait...


Lait corps au lait d’ânesse...


Sérum au lait d'ânesse bio...


Sérum à l’huile essentielle...


Savon Liquide de Marseille...

Savons de Marseille

Huile pure à l’argan bio


Lait corps  à l’huile...


Savon liquide d'Alep à...



Our Beauty secrets

Body milk with Argan oil...


Body milk with Argan oil

Orange blossom fragrance
6,00 €


Secret ancestral de douceur Discover

About us

Life in Provence is all about nature as you bask in its simplicity, elegance and wonderful climate. Provence is also full of precious active cosmetic ingredients, like lavender, olive, thyme or honey, which have been used for well-being as well as beauty for centuries

Since it was founded DMP wants to save this precious know-how. Curiosity also led to broaden our search for cures, and to look for new ones where plants and traditions combine for more Beauty secret. DMP travel the world to source those coveted plants, and to understand the traditional ways to blend them in order to create our natural products.

Today we are proud to be true explorers of Beauty. We actively participate in respecting nature and offering our customers handcrafted products, designed to meet all their cosmetic expectations.

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